On Saturday afternoon, our office operated at half-staff while local recruiters treated K.Lo to a mall trip and a meal of spaghetti and ice cream. Office life was on the quiet side, but in a pleasant way. We find that the employee's productivity is higher upon her return when allowed the occasional change of scene.

Later, said recruiters stood in for Management while they attended the annual holiday conference. Management met with colleagues for dinner and drinks, with a reception afterward. Important to note is that Management, too, when allowed the opportunity for a break/change of scene, also functions on their return in a more positive, productive and patient manner. Even if they do wake up with a teeny-tiny hangover.

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2 peanuts:
  1. Etaoin says:

    Bravo for escaping, my friend!

    In my workplace I am a mere employee with one very demanding task-master. My boss rarely allows for breaks of any kind, much less for holiday festivities and other celebratory shenanigans.

    I miss self-employment. I miss self.

  1. hat says:

    Dear Manager:
    When will you post something about employee benefits? Are there vacation days?

    *Such fun reading!!