Before we go, the following needs to/tries to/sort of/maybe/just doesn't happen: N.Lo must eat. Bug must find shoes. And socks, we need socks. Pen needs a drink. Juice, Bug needs juice. N.Lo is still eating. The phone rings, we answer, confirm our ETA. Bug puts shoes on the wrong feet, Pen amends. Bug needs diaper change, shoes come off. We start over. N.Lo crying. N.Lo eating. N.Lo, diaper change. Pen, starving. Bug needs snack, doesn't want anything. Settles on mozza cheese. N.Lo has to be done eating or we'll never leave. Must get the snack for Bug. Cut baby off. Projectile spit-up in face. Pen screams. Another round of spit-up arcs through air, lands on Bug's head. Round 3 spouts onto the floor. Bug says, "Uh-oh." Pen says, "Yup." They survey scene, Pen is speechless. Baby is soaked. Bug says, "The burp!" (Burp cloth.) Yes, we need the burp cloth. We mop up. We decide we're all dry enough. We're good enough. We don't look or smell too bad. We're nearly running late. Bug eats the mozza, spills the rest of the pieces on the floor. Dogs will eat. Pen drinks her water. The baby's still hungry. But we're leaving. We're out of here. Let's get our jackets on and go. Bye, doggies. Lock the doors. Think: do we have everything? Don't know. Ah, don't care. If need be, will make do. We're out, we're gone. Be back soon!

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4 peanuts:
  1. whats a little spit up says:

    Raincoats, everyone needs raincoats.

  1. ew.
    but hilarious action sequence.

  1. ashley says:

    In posts like these, I can always feel the mania...and it makes me want to bite my nails a little.

  1. Andria says:

    all 3 of you, seriously?! I am impressed, that's some projectile skillz. I love that you screamed. I would totally scream. And then survey it and move on as well! good for you. It's amazing what a process getting out the door can be.