Today during a multi-company meeting at the park, K.Lo got a big kick in the face. I blame my own lack of managerial initiative in not directing the employee away from the swings, where small employees simply don't know to stand back, and also for my bothersome inability to be two places at once. From my place on the bench, where I tended to N.Lo, I watched K.Lo linger in between two of the swings (both occupied) and silently willed her to watch herself, or to at least stay still. Or for the surrounding managers to pay attention and notice my tiny employee underfoot. It is certainly not anyone's responsibility but my own, and I know other managers' own resources are divided, but luck really wasn't on The Lo. Co.'s side this morning. In seconds, K.Lo moved right into the line of fire, the foot connected, and down onto the ground she went. K.Lo cried. The girl who accidentally kicked her cried. I thought I might cry. She wasn't hurt, it was all just kind of tragic. I've promised K.Lo that we'll sit down together soon and work on filing her worker's compensation claim.

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2 peanuts:
  1. Sorry about the tragically instructive kick, but that post was hilarious. I get a big kick out of your entire approach.:))

  1. Andria says:

    We *almost* had a similar incident during our recent playground adventure. . as I was nearly a playground mom virgin, I hadn't contemplated this knack for toddlers to meander in front of swings so naively. Fortunately there was a more experienced daddy that held the legs of his son he was pushing in order to prevent the collision while we shuffled Dellaina out of the danger zone. I was very thankful for the assistance, because we can't be everywhere all the time or even know we need to be.