Sometimes, as Manager, I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on things. The employees are productive, thriving, even following the Company Code of Conduct brilliantly. Then, K.Lo will nearly stick a pencil in her ear, and suddenly I'm all nerves again, thinking that we were seconds away from poking a hole into her brain, another injury I had never previously considered. Training has to be so thorough! It's amazing that so many employees live long enough to progress through the ranks of a company, much less retain all of their organs and limbs. And of course, any good manager wishes her company not just to remain in business, but to thrive.

Lately, a big point of contention in our office is ettiquette around the office fish tank. It's a 20-gallon tank that sits on a long table in front of the Conference Room window. Can it be pulled over? Technically, yes, I suppose it could. Is it likely? I sure hope not. That's... a lot of water, and glass, and rocks, and just plain filth to land onto the carpet--or an employee. The Housekeeping and Grounds staff have expressed their concern on several occasions re: the potential fallout and cleanup involved with a fish tank disaster. Not to mention the Legal Department and their concerns over possible workers comp claims. Oh, and the fact that I would feel like a horrible manager if the fish all landed in a heap with my employee(s) on the bottom of the pile.

What is a manager to do, other than remain as vigilant a floor supervisor as possible? You can keep an imaginitive eye out for potential hazards in the workplace, and also (obviously) train your employees to, as K.Lo would say in a sing-song, "Watch out!" and "Be careful!" with things like pencils and fish tanks. But constant vigilance (sorry Mad-Eye Moody) is not always possible, nor is employee compliance, nor just plain luck. I guess we just have to cross our fingers on a lot of things throughout the training process, and hope for the best.

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  1. Andria says:

    yes, I agree those moments where you think, "whoa, why haven't I considered that danger before? geez. what could have happened!" are more frequent than I'd like. And it's just so hard to consider every. single. possible. hazard and maintain constant vigilance. but it does seem to be the times I get lax that sneak up and bite me.