1. We have added a new bulletin board in the Break Room to display company-wide notices and greeting card-type accolades. Please check it regularly.

2. Congratulations to K.Lo, who has learned to employ the phrase "Excuse me" after burping.

3. We don't fix what isn't broken: If N.Lo decides to pass out on the couch or in his crib early, before his last feeding and uniform change, so be it. His work on the Night Shift will not be interrupted. However, if this trend does continue, Management will consider more permanent schedule changes for N.Lo.

4. Congratulations to The Manager for addressing a significant portion of the DVR paperwork on her desk this weekend.

5. Our entire company (with the exception of The Canine Staff) will go on retreat later this work week. The CEO and Manager will head to the mountains with N.Lo in celebration of The Manager's 30th birthday, while K.Lo will visit the Regional Manager. We feel this much-needed break will benefit all members of The Lo. Co. staff.

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