From the desk of K.Lo, of course.

About some fresh pineapple, which she has previously sent back to the Kitchen Staff: "Yum! That's good stuff!"

At meal time: "Delicious!"

Random moments: "That's amazing!" and (no kidding) "Thank you, God." She learned the latter from one of her training manuals, but somehow applies it to life in the office very appropriately.

To N.Lo: "You're smiling! Yes you are, baby!" And also, "He's happy!" and, "He's so cute."

When the dreaded airplanes fly overhead, spoken in a panicky voice: "It's okay, just an airplane..."

And also, some (often suspicious) words from K.Lo in regards to the Employee Rest Room, which lately she won't go near.
"I need a diaper change."
"N.Lo is getting a diaper change, too!"
"Diaper cream! I need diaper cream!"
"Woo-wee! I stink."
"Bye-bye, pee-pee. See you soon!"

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2 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    Reading exerpts from K.Lo's water cooler talk paints a very clear picture of the mangerial water cooler talk. Although, I doubt (and kind of hope) that you have never told pee pee that you would see it later...? :)

  1. penelope says:

    Hee. No, I do draw the line at seeing pee pee later. Yike!