As a manager without a lot of experience prior to entering into this career (read: NO EXPERIENCE), it is interesting to watch N.Lo's personality unfolding with only K.Lo's as a point of reference. Mainly, I find it curious to see N.Lo doing things "by the book," where K.Lo tends to take the book and wear it as a hat, just for shock value. At any rate, it's kind of fun to witness a baby who:

*enjoys time on his belly

*"swims" on the floor

*consistenly chooses rice cereal from the cafeteria menu

*works diligently and straight through on the Night Shift

*willingly clocks in for the Night Shift

*enjoys working in the bouncy seat, playpen, and exersaucer, all those gadgets made specifically for new hires

*is equally compelled by the desk toys and office supplies made for new hires.

K.Lo worked well with her office supplies, but was never quite as into them as N.Lo seems to be. She was more of a people-watcher, attracted to the action, and therefore issued loud complaints when directed to work on her belly.

Now K.Lo, of course, was an exemplary new hire in her own rite, but definitely very different from our latest new hire. I wonder, too, if N.Lo is more compliant with office protocol because The Manager is now more schooled in how to train new hires. At any rate, our office is enjoying each employee for their individual personalities, strengths, and abilities, and looks forward to future developments.

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  1. Andria says:

    In ways it's nice to have different experiences - keeps you on your toes and challenges the management. It's good to utilize perhaps neglected office supplies that have been in storage for a while and mark off things on the list that perhaps were skipped over by the original hire. And it's our saving grace that the new hires are so laid back and easily amused.