From the Desk of K.Lo:
When she would like to be picked up: "I hold you?"
After blowing her nose, looking very studiously into the tissue: "Ew. That's yucko."
Randomly: "That's awesome!"
Clear as a bell, and always first thing in the morning: "I want chocolate, Manager. Please?"
Also: "I want to go outside, Manager."
And: "I want the soccer ball."
Sounds pretty similar: "That's incredible."
While working, repeated self-talk: "See you later, Abigail. In a while, crocodile."
To N.Lo, after Break: "Hi N.Lo. Did you have a good nap? Hmm?"
To Work Buddy Doll: "I love you, Dolly. Let's go, Dolly. Want something to eat, Dolly?"

From the Desk of N.Lo:
Squealing, shrieking, babbling, with a whole lot of wild gesturing. He's a live one!

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  1. Andria says:

    Precious. It's so fun to read about your office lingo - it's so similar to ours.

  1. ashley says:

    I like, "Did you have a good nap? Hmmm?" Also, who's Abigail? ;)