Recently, our office went on an excursion to a popular company meeting place in town, called Monkey Joe's. MJ's is a great place to celebrate a young employee's Date of Hire Anniversary (our agenda that day), or to escape one's office in inclement weather. The facility includes several large, inflatable work areas, brightly-colored and decked out with slides, net walls, and space to bouncy-bouncity bounce. It easily brings a Manager back to her own early days of training with a company.

To keep the work spaces inflated and in proper working order, loud fans run at a constant, full blast, so the white-noise factor in MJ's is quite high. Between that and the enormity of the work areas, not to mention all the employees from other local companies running around and working their hardest, it can be quite stimulating for a young employee. Overwhelming, even. I'd like to express my own sense of managerial pride for K.Lo, who rose to the challenge and performed in this new environment to the very best of her ability. One could see the internal struggle taking place in the young employee, as she approached each new work station with great initial enthusiasm, attempted to climb up into the space, and then balked when she discovered that it wouldn't be so easy. She fussed a little, tried again, struggled, melted down. Ran to another work station, repeated the same process. As the morning passed, however, K.Lo more and more got the hang of this new work environment and eventually didn't want to leave.

Way to go, K.Lo! And I must say, Your Manager had just as great a time training with you in this environment. We'll go again soon.

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  1. Andria says:

    Way to go, K.Lo! I'm so glad she kept at it and embraced it in the end. We had a very similar experience our first time as well, but have yet to make it back, sadly. I heard rumors you had a visit from the Regional Manager? Hope she was present to witness the accomplishment of your branch.
    And hopefully you found increased productivity on the Night Shift as well from all the stimulation and exercise.

  1. There's no doubt about it, employees today have to be persistent and adaptable. Bravo!