Earlier this Fiscal Year, I discussed the intense preparation that goes into getting out the door with two. In the months since then, my employees have expanded their skill sets, and I, too, have somewhat hit my stride in this aspect of Management. There remains quite a bit of foresight and planning in this process, not to mention the dicey, moment-to-moment negotiation between The Manager and employee. However, I have found that getting out of the office, with everyone and everything accounted for, is worlds easier with the help of a bag or backpack, such as THIS:

If you're to expect any measure of success on a company excursion with two tiny persons under your employ, it really all comes down to the bag.

Keep it stocked with diapers for each employee, wipes, disposable bags, sunscreen, bug spray, spare employee uniforms, and for good measure, an Emergency Kit. Following each company excursion, clean out the bag. I know. You're tired. But just do it. Allocate if necessary: the Kitchen Staff will take care of empty juice cups and bottles, the Laundry Fairy will pick up the dirty uniforms. Then--and this is important--restock for the next excursion. Replace everything you used, so you don't forget or have to worry about it for next time.

Just before heading out on your excursion, while your employees are working hard at their desks, or better yet, while the New Hire is taking his Morning Break, add the last-minute items: bottle (already prepared), juice, snack, and anything special required for your particular excursion. It will all fit in the bag--smoosh, if necessary. But if you've got a backpack, you really won't have to worry.
Bonus, with the backpack, is that it leaves your hands free to assist both employees. The New Hire is assigned one arm, the two-year-employee gets the hand on the other arm. And for you, a fairly convincing semblance of coordination and ease.

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  1. Megan says:

    You are one sharp tack, Penelope! (And you are doing loads better than me if you clean out the bag each time. I never do, and always pay for it later!)

  1. Kurt says:

    An impressive level of planning.

  1. Backpacks are the way to go, for sure! My kids are at the age (11 and 8) at which we can all jump in the car, hit the ignition, and strap in while under way. They generally pack and carry their own stuff. Sometimes when I drop them off at a friend's house, I only have to slow the car down a little bit.

  1. erin j says:

    i am totally in this frame of mind as well. though, today i totally forgot a hat for the littlest employee, but she was fine. i'm amazed i was never this prepared with just one and lugged a huge diaper bag around for months before finding the glory that is the backpack!

  1. penelope says:

    First, I must admit that I do not empty the bag every time. Which can be unfortunate where foodstuffs and dirty clothes are concerned.

    Second, I know nothing about forgetting hats for the littlest employee, nothing! ;) Grace could have borrowed N.Lo's if you had it handy.

    Can't imagine the day when they'll be carrying their own backpacks! And when they can leap from a moving car onto their friend's front lawn. Hee. Kidding, kidding...