Another useful Managerial strategy for grabbing a few quiet, deep-breathing moments at one’s desk is Task Allocation for Company Excursions.

Our company fish tank has a sadly high turnover rate,  and the CEO has been after me for weeks now to recruit a new team of fish. Taking a new hire and two-year employee on one’s own to the pet store, though, may *seem* like a good idea in theory, since there are so many interesting things to look at, but it is not.

The CEO says, What, it’s pretty much a field trip! Right? CEO’s can be so naive, the poor dears. I suggested that if it was so easy, why didn’t the CEO take over this excursion.

Ultimately, perhaps after realizing the word-eating potential of the proposed mission, the CEO opted to take just one employee to the pet store. But in many ways, it was still a win-win decision for the entire company. At the pet store, K.Lo assisted in selecting a new team of fish, and also participated in a pet store-wide scavenger hunt, with a mission to find: The snakes! The birds! Lizards! Spiders! Frogs! Rats! Chinchillas! Ferrets! Rabbits!

On second thought, maybe the pet store is a great field trip for a two-year employee. However, with a new hire under one’s supervision as well, all a Manager can see in the pet store are: Glass tanks! Puppy puddles! The Canine Cookie Bar! Among other potential hazards.

Back at the office, The Manager assisted both the Kitchen and Housekeeping staffs in a whirlwind tour, cooking and straightening at a speed simply not possible with both employees underfoot. N.Lo played happily on the floor with a pile of Company Kitchen supplies, while I completed a stack of paperwork. After about an hour, K.Lo and the CEO returned from their excursion, which was deemed a success.

The only question remaining is for the Scheduling Department: can we do this again soon?

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5 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    Definitely sounds like a good time was had by all.

    It's amazing how much more feasible things seem when you go from 2 down to just 1 employee under your supervision.

  1. Kurt says:

    I'm concerned about the high turnover rate in the tank. Is the tank receiving scheduled maintenance? Is the filter clean?

  1. erin j says:

    Gotta say that the pet store has saved me many a time. Out oldest employee loves it and while we are waiting for yummy pizza to be prepared we often stroll through and look at all the animals. Also it is a good stop when traveling from Target to Once Upon a Child (thinking that it's a good idea to have young employees walk that far to get energy out...good in theory, but then the Manager ALSO has to walk, now lugging the younger employee...hmmmm...) Nevertheless, it works well....for him...

  1. penelope says:

    The pet store's fine on its own, but not so much when you're waiting for fish.

    Kurt, it's certainly an issue. I'm going to have a *talk* with Housekeeping.

  1. Skye says:

    Divide and conquer, absolutely.