• Learning to “pump” on the swing. Must come naturally? Kind of cool to witness.
  • Plays a mean game of Disney Memory. The goal of the game when K.Lo plays, it should be noted, is to find Cinderella. That’s it. All the other characters have little value.
  • Training with The Manager to fully understand the inner workings of the tricycle.
  • Fending off her coworker, which she does in the most polite, quiet of fashions, simply moving coveted item away from the coworker with little fanfare or fuss. Some of the time. Other times, she is extremely insulted at her coworker’s brazenness.
  • Skirting photo opportunities.

MonkeyPJs N.Lo:

  • Stealing his coworker’s food.
  • Stealing his coworker’s office supplies.
  • Bouncing!
  • Beating the coffee table with a drumstick.
  • Pulling up on book shelves and the crib railing.
  • Cutting some more teeth, not quite clear which ones or how many.
  • Looking more and more like a little boy.

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1 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    Love the updates. You may be in trouble if K.Lo realizes she can use the klepto and climbing abilities of her co-worker to her advantage and has him scale the manager's shelving unit for her coveted Princess castle!