N.Lo: MonkeyPJs

  • Laughs a lot. To himself, with others, in response to funny things but most often at nothing in particular. He squeals, chuckles, and half-screams. It’s enough to make even the poutiest person laugh, too.
  • Still eats a lot, pounds the “bar” for better, faster, and more service. Keep it coming!
  • Sleeps best (and longest) when wearing fall/winter pajamas, i.e. all bundled up. Which I thought might be a problem with all of our summer pajamas still out, until I discovered the fascinating inventions of blankets and socks. Genius.
  • Calls for The Manager in varying tones of, “Ma.” We have the pitiful “Ma-ma,” the happy-to-see-you “Ma-ma!” and the talking-to-himself, absentminded “Ma-ma. Ma-ma.” Oh, and let’s not forget the angry “MA!
  • Also recognizes the CEO with “Da-da,” like a statement, along with a big smile.
  • Learned from the CEO yesterday how to push around Matchbox cars and make a sort-of vroom sound to go along with it. Impressive!
  • Sometimes cramps K.Lo’s style with his mere presence, to which she says, “N.Lo wants to go down for a nap.”
  • Talks to self in crib upon waking, already standing when you walk in the door.
  • Sleeps with a teddy bear, although I’ve not sure in what capacity. The bear is in the corner of the crib when he goes down to sleep, and is always near his blanket by the time he’s awake. Maybe the bear is his conversational partner?
  • Unlike his coworker, has no fear of the vacuum cleaner or thunderstorms.
  • Does not like to be left behind in a room. Gets very insulted.
  • Mimics the popping sound a person can make when opening and closing his mouth.
  • Has 4 teeth on the bottom, 2 or 3 on the top.
  • Still has the slightly vexing eczema on his cheeks.
  • Still wants nothing to do with sippy cups, no matter what the type. Has already been warned by Management: After one year with the company, no more bottles!
  • Is generally a delight to have around our office, and Management is astounded with not only his progress these past 10 months but also the very fact that 10 months has passed. The DOH Anniversary is coming up all too quick. Better get cracking on that wish list!






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3 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    N.Lo sounds like a great guy to have around the office - ideal employee that just lifts morale with his easy, good-humored nature.

    {I was going to ask if you had a newer picture, but you threw some in at the end and I know the repeat emphasizes the PJ comment, which are super cute.}

  1. penelope says:

    I am clearly losing my mind, as I totally forgot I had posted that photo on another post! :)

  1. Kurt says:

    I use a steroid cream on my eczema, and it works like a charm. Not sure if it's safe for infants, tho.