• Plays a game where he slams/tosses a small object, such as a block, pencil, or Matchbox car, and waits for you to toss it back. He loves this game, and initiates it regularly.
  • Is researching a new topic, Cause and Effect. Mainly, the Cause is, “throw food off the high chair,” and the Effect is, “dogs will eat the food.”
  • Likes to test the aforementioned theory with green vegetables.
  • Picks his nose and eats it.
  • Is a creature of habit, for sure. He’s facing forward in his car seat now, mainly because The Manager feels like breaking the law. (We’re going on a company excursion later this week, and traveling is much easier this way.) However, so far he hates the new car seat, arches his back and tells The Manager, “Eh eh eh eh eh.” File that one in the Suggestion Box, buddy!
  • Sort of placed one foot in front of the other while holding onto his walker, over the weekend.
  • Loves to hear himself talk in the cavernous, echoing warehouse that is Costco.
  • Finally drinks something other than milk: water! But still in a bottle.
  • Ate a purple eraser today, from the top of a pencil.

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  1. Megan says:

    N.Lo makes me laugh, as do you and K.Lo, so I can only imagine what it would be like to, say, go to Costco with you? I've been to Costco, see, so it would be a big deal all the way around!

  1. Kurt says:

    The purple erasers don't taste like grape like you'd think.

  1. Andria says:

    At least he throws it on the floor; Wyatt loves to just lean over and let them lick it out of his hands. ick.

    Oh no! Not a booger eater! I can handle a lot of things. .diapers, vomit, etc. but eating boogies?! oh, it makes my stomach churn!

    I flipped Wyatt around today, too, which requires moving up to the bigger seat for our long trip down to the lake. . in the beginning, he was fascinated - he could watch the TV with Dellaina, look out the window and things passing by, watch me. But, by the end, when he was extremely tired and worn out, but couldn't seem to sleep in it (don't think it lays back as far or cradles him as much as the carrier) he was NOT happy. NOT happy at all. For at least 40 minutes straight. Which really makes Dellaina & I extremely pleased, you know?

    Exciting! He'll be running before you know it.