I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned N.Lo’s penchant for grabbing. I have alluded to his sleeping with a blanket, which he clutches in one hand; the other hand’s fingers go in his mouth. What does the clutching mean? We only know that he’s always done it. From his very early days on the job, he’s been a grabber and a grasper. Very into textures, is the positive spin on this habit. The downside is that grabbing handfuls of everything includes skin and hair. Skin and hair includes arm skin, throat skin, etc, kind of a pinching twist if caught the wrong way, and hair includes head hair and (for J.Lo) chest and leg hair. Which means ouch. He obviously doesn’t mean to do it, but falls into the habit even more when he’s upset, and the resulting pain inflicted on the Managerial staff can escalate tensions rather quickly.

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