1. On the way home from our recent trip, N.Lo fell sound asleep, and K.Lo, whose TV was (temporarily? we hope? it’s so handy for long trips) broken, sang to herself pretty much the whole way. She wanted an audience, however, specifically in the form of a little brother. While beating on patting his head, she changed the song around:

N.Lo is asleep!

N.Lo is asleep!

Wake up, N.Lo!

N.Lo is a sleepy boy!


The singing continued until we passed through Pig Country, which as you may know, doesn’t smell too great. K.Lo, ever the Observer, ended her song and announced, “N.Lo has a BIG stinky.” I nearly drove off the road.

2. Since our return, K.Lo has been pushing Management’s buttons. Her work performance overall remains high, but her highest highs are matched with the lowest of lows. In response, I tend to give several chances for redemption with the Most Patient Voice Ever, until she ignores me so many times; I then snap and become Scary Manager Who Takes No Crap. The CEO is more prone to banish the employee to her bedroom, which is an equally effective measure—and easier pull off when managing as a team. For instance, I can sit at the dinner table with N.Lo while the CEO corrals the defiant, wild-eyed K.Lo back into her room, should she come back out before ready to behave nicely.

While I’m not a fan of the escalated tension these situations present, I secretly love watching N.Lo watch the action. K.Lo is completely unaware of his interest, but he watches it all unfold like a ping-pong match. Where is Daddy going? Here comes K.Lo again, still mid-fit. Look at her shout. Back to her room. Daddy sits down again. And so forth. N.Lo’s expression remains fairly unfazed the entire time; he’s up on the action, but continues to shovel food in his mouth throughout the event. It’s difficult not to laugh.

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