The Executive Assistant is always at the ready, listening to your conversation and attempting to meet your needs. N.Lo, now that he is walking and picking up language right and left, is proving himself to be most helpful. If K.Lo says something like, “I want a blanket!” The Manager will ignore this impolite way of asking, but N.Lo will deliver, leaving the room and locating his blankie to bring back and share. Another day, K.Lo was going on about wanting to wear a dress to to Outsourcer, and N.Lo disappeared for a little while, eventually tottering back out with K.Lo’s cheerleader skirt and handing it to his coworker. K.Lo appears shocked, and then amused, that her baby brother is helping her out.

N.Lo is moving up the ranks in other surprising ways as well. It wasn’t until my arms were full on the way to the company car yesterday that I told N.Lo to walk to the car by himself. Just to see what would happen. Sure enough, he charged ahead over to the car, around to the passenger side, and climbed right up into the car seat, unasked. Very proud of himself he was, and me too. Who knew! I could have been going hands-free this whole time… Conversely, it’s a little strange (bittersweet?) to begin saying good-bye to the end of such a long era, of juggling babies in my arms.

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2 peanuts:
  1. to think of all the arm work outs i could have avoided! ;) crafty n.lo very crafty.

  1. Andria says:

    aww, too sweet.

    And I am so proud of YOU! This is a big step for You!