A productive work day here at the Lo.Co., where the presence of the Company Inspector continues to incite some concern over whether we’re really performing to the best of our abilities, but we soldier on. The Inspector has thus far proven to be unflappable in the face of Employee Code of Conduct (ECC) violations, but I have noticed her taking notes. Regardless, she herself has adapted to company life with remarkable ease, and unfailingly provides assistance to whichever department requires it. Our staff is most grateful and impressed.

We dropped off K.Lo at the Outsourcer, where she would exchange valentines with her coworkers and eat a meal of many red things, such as the strawberries our company contributed. N.Lo accompanied us on our quest to explore two local produce markets, satisfying the Kitchen Staff’s recent (increased) obsession with providing the best nutrition possible for our company. I’m pleased to report success in this mission.

The afternoon was spent catching up on paperwork and training the Company Inspector to use the Wii, an important skill to have in our company if one wishes to go far.


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