K.Lo knows how to open some presents. She is pretty much a tornado, a chain opener who rips, flings, and demands the next; although occasional pause is taken when the gift at hand really captivates her attention. The following is a photo series from our recent company celebrations.

 DSC_0534Tinkerbell…DSC_0536Mid-air toss.

P1020343What is that?!

P1020342Basketball hoop!

P1020381Couldn’t even wait to take her coat off after getting home from preschool…




P1020386P1020387It’s a skirt! And a shirt!P1020388


P1020397Coloring books and paper, ooo…


 P1020399 P1020400 P1020401 Let’s see, how does this one open…P1020402  P1020404P1020405 And it’s a Play-Doh Kitchen! Hooray!

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3 peanuts:
  1. Charming says:

    Poetry in Motion!

  1. Megan says:

    She IS a chain opener! Looks like she scored some serious loot!

  1. Tempe says:

    Awesome pictures! KLo has the opening presents thing down.