To: All Lo.Co. Staff

From: Management

Re: Heads Up

Attention all employees,

Please be advised that when N.Lo is *done* with an activity, he will throw the closest available object, and its impact may hurt.

Throwing seems to be N.Lo’s personal point of punctuation in expressing his doneness. Whether he is fully or partially dissatisfied with the activity in question, or simply ready to move on, he will literally throw down.  There is almost, dare I suggest it, an undercurrent of Attitude in this normally laid-back employee’s behavior.

Although admonished for each incidence of throwing, N.Lo may or may not yet be aware that he is in violation of the Employee Code of Conduct (ECC). So, you might want to wear shoes. Steel-toed boots? And maybe a rain jacket. Or a helmet. Face mask? Or just duck and run. Those sippy cups, if still containing liquid, are heavy. The food can be sloppy. And let’s not even get started on some of the toys that have been launched from those little hands of fury. N.Lo is an Equal Opportunity Thrower; he does not discriminate.

Good luck to you,

The Manager

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4 peanuts:
  1. Beth says:

    Oh my goodness, my son has started doing this and it is getting out of control. I took a GOLF BALL to the EYE the other day.... oy. Unfortunately, any attempts to discourage this behavior are somehow misconstrued as approval - he gives the BIGGEST smiles and collects his loot to throw again. AHH!

  1. penelope says:

    Those boys, they think they're so funny, don't they? A golf ball, youch!

  1. Andria says:

    We switched out a real golf ball Wyatt was hurling around for a plastic one just the other day and I swear he walked around cussing us out (he was so animated!) for a good 20 minutes. But, at least we didn't take one in the eye! yowza!

  1. Manda says: friend's son occasionally tries to throw the cats...

    will check with mechanic friend for welding helmet to send your way, should protect from missiles well; side note, you won't be able to see said missiles coming...