The Lo.Co. is all mixed up. After my ill-advised complete jinx of a post regarding recent happenings on the Night Shift, K.Lo proceeded to have the one of the worst Night Shift performances in a long while. Screaming and crying ensued, and K.Lo herself wasn’t in much better shape. And, most unfortunately, a bad Night Shift is inevitably followed by a bad Day Shift. K.Lo did make it to the Outsourcer, but cried a little at drop-off, which she has not done in months. N.Lo and I then had a productive morning out running errands for our company, which I don’t discount. Everything went downhill after that.

Cutting four canine teeth simultaneously is a tricky operation, and adding coworker germs into the mix doesn’t help. N.Lo was crabby and fairly inconsolable for the better part of the afternoon, and woke up from his Afternoon Break with a fever. Meanwhile, K.Lo greeted me at Outsourcer pickup by immediately devolving into Whiny Dissatisfaction with Everything. In response, lacking the patience that comes only with a good night’s sleep. the Manager herself wasn’t exactly all positivity and perk.

Night Shift performance so far this evening has been bleak—for N.Lo. He’s still running a fever, even with Tylenol in his system, and cried and cried until he was “rescued,” at which point he puked.

This work week has been pretty much a wash. Looking forward to emerging from Cold and Flu Season (soon, please), so our company can get back to its normal business operations, with more acceptable levels of employee and managerial performance. That is all.

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  1. shite man. what is going on over there!