Yes, K.Lo is sick. Again. The CEO is also under the weather with a sinus and ear infection. This madness has officially been going on for months now. Months! I blame the yo-yo weather and wish the warmth would just come and stay. Kill all the germs from the Outsourcer and this exceptionally active cold and flu season. I know it’s not just our company. And also, I’m profoundly grateful that K.Lo wasn’t sick yesterday, since it was my birthday and all. And on a birthday, it seems mean to expect Management to clean up vomit, which this morning landed all over the dog.

N.Lo seems fine, though slightly fussy and forlorn. Maybe he misses his fully functioning coworker. But he remains pretty darn companionable and cute.


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  1. Megan says:

    Oh wow, poor K.Lo! N.Lo does look rather festive in his St. Pat's Day beads!

    My MIL suffered from constant sickness for the past couple of months until she changed her toothbrush and added a little bit of bleach to her wash water. And voila, No More Funk!

  1. Andria says:

    changed her toothbrush?!

    hope everyone is recovering and the rumors I heard about the Manager contracting sickness are completely false!

  1. I've heard that before to, that one should ditch the old toothbrush after illness. Alternative: don't brush your teeth while sick. xD

  1. ~sarah says:

    (*snicker*) on the dog? wow, happy birthday to you! (fights another snicker... and lost.)

    : )

  1. Jami says:

    Vomit on the dog? Oh the humanity...

    I second the "new toothbrushes for the Lo.Co." vote! Could solve the plague problems at your house!

  1. penelope says:

    New toothbrushes are a good idea, especially for K.Lo, who was using one of hers the other day to brush a bar of soap... Yuck!

    Poor Bailey. I might laugh about it in a few years. ;)