At least for the time being (we’re not holding any preemptive celebrations), the Lo.Co. Staff is on the mend, with productivity resuming to normal levels. The beautiful spring-like weather over the past few days certainly hasn’t hurt, and this morning, it was the perfect time to perform some field work at the local playground. N.Lo, without encouragement (or fear, a little unfortunately), tried quite a few new maneuvers on the slides, tunnels, etc. Additionally, N.Lo and K.Lo ran through their own sets of team-building exercises with several games of Chase.


At the top this slide, N.Lo immediately charged forth and stepped off blindly, rather than sitting or laying down first. After a brief heart attack, the Manager amped up supervision efforts around the slides and other drop-offs, and he generally exercised more caution. He mainly preferred belly-down, feet first, followed by an attempt to climb back up.




N.Lo aspired to keep up with his coworker, and was successful sometimes, sometimes not.


Once he saw his coworker crawl through the tunnel several times, N.Lo went for it, pausing for a quick game of peek-a-boo—then inspiring K.Lo to do the same.

 P1020549 P1020553P1020550   P1020552

The game of Chase was then complete, as the employees ran a circular route up the stairs, across the bridge, through the tunnel, down the tube slide at the end, and back again.


N.Lo on a mission.


Silly Manager, with that camera…


   P1020543 P1020544P1020545P1020546P1020547P1020538    

They typically convened at the slide, where K.Lo slid down first, and N.Lo followed—with K.Lo waiting halfway down, not minding, and in fact giggling hysterically when N.Lo ran into her, sweeping them down the rest of the slide as jumbled mass of employee hands, arms, legs and feet.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    what fun! I know the feeling of trying to capture pictures AND supervise on the playgrounds. In these lean times, the Posterity and Safety committees converge. Excellent report.

  1. Erin Mc says:

    I can't wait to go to the park! I know A will be all over the place this year (the stairs are what terrify me).

  1. i approve of this team building, employee mirroring exercise. well done manager.