• N.Lo spent part of the evening yesterday kicking the wall next to his crib. I had thought someone was hammering in the distance, it was that consistent and loud, until the CEO informed me otherwise. He wasn’t verbally complaining, just kicking.
  • The other day while swinging N.Lo in the backyard, I noticed a wasp buzzing around his head, and that was the end of that swinging session. Later on, the CEO also noticed a wasp flying nearby the same swing and discovered a nest under the actual swing itself, tucked way up out of sight. Yuck. Needless to say, it has since been destroyed.
  • K.Lo sings a lot to herself, either songs she has heard in the office, songs she makes up herself, or songs she has heard at the Outsourcer. I have no idea where she heard one song in particular, which has the lyrics, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die,” sung in a kind of happy way? It could be as innocuous as the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, but I don’t like it much.
  • N.Lo has always had a thing with clenching hands, so that he won’t hold your hand or hands (even when learning to walk, which is underlies my theory on why it took so long), and he likes to clutch things like his blankie or other fabrics—such Management’s pants, when he is upset. Pet peeve! This has never been fun with skin, either, and lately he has been into the slow, curious pinch of Management’s arms and legs. Like, how long before she screams? Ouch!



  • The days of automatically assuming K.Lo is the culprit in workplace conflicts (especially related to office supplies) are well over. N.Lo can be equally to blame for snatching toys away from his coworker when he should not.
  • For the longest time, K.Lo used to call on the Manager rather mindlessly, calling, “Mommy…” from another room, even if she didn’t really need anything. It’s sort of bothersome for Management, these false calls for assistance. Lately, however, she has been answering the response of “What, K.Lo?” with, “I love you.” Management immediately softens to subsequent requests, should they occur.
  • N.Lo has been happy to take a bath for a good while now, having overcome his fear, which lasted a good three months or more.
  • He has all the teeth he is supposed to get until 2-year-old molar time, but the set he has continues to push through, and he has been grouchy/clingy as a result. Or, maybe it is just the impending Twos, and Twoville.
  • Other than the aforementioned “I don’t want to die” song, we haven’t addressed or been specifically asked about the question of death, but a few more fish in the tank have died recently, and I feel like it might be coming. I’m told that “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf” is a good training resource to address the question. Until then, K.Lo has simply left it at, “The dead fish had to go in the potty because he was dirty.” Indeed, K.Lo, indeed.

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2 peanuts:
  1. Ngh. *Twitch* Ngh. *Twitch* WASPS. *violent twitch* WASPS UNDER SWING SEAT. Ngh ngh ngh *twitch twitch shudder vomit*

  1. Andria says:

    I agree, the wasp story gives me the heebee geebies.
    I tend to cringe when Dellaina casually mentions killing or death, too. It just doesn't seem right. I have used, "the circle of life" quite a few times already. it is such a difficult concept. We have watched animal shows with chase scenes and talk about spiders eating bugs, etc. So, there's been some discussion, but it still seems like such a hard topic to broach and explain. And then, she just asked me yesterday "what's 'life' mean?" So, if I can't explain the concept of life. . .
    Awww, too sweet! Dellaina and Granny play that game. . Dellaina, guess what?
    Granny loves you.
    and vice versa.
    Clinginess is tough.