N.Lo’s language continues to take off, mainly in the way of repetition or mimicking, but he does seem to truly understand as he strings together some sentences. Some of my recent favorites:

On the way to the Outsourcer: Preschool!

Playing Peekaboo: Bop-a-Boo.

In the morning, wondering where the CEO has gone to: Where… is… Dad?

And then, after I explained: Oh.

He also says, “Ummm,” when thinking about an answer. Becoming such a little person!

We think N.Lo will be a leftie. It’s difficult to say sometimes, since he has some level of ambidexterity. But, for both eating and coloring, he consistently favors the left hand.


K.Lo sometimes mixes up her sounds in the completely endearing way of a three year old.

Piano = pi-nan-no

Giraffe = Ber-jaff

Also, many things lately are “fancy.” Like her hand-me-down pink giraffe rain boots that she wears whether or not it is raining. Or the trees we passed on the way to preschool. “Those trees are fancy. Who bought them?”

She dances around the house (and on the new stage!) quite a bit, coming up with some moves that may in fact be influenced by the Outsourcer. Regardless of source, I always love the show.

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