I regret to say that I did not capture K.Lo during her first official haircut, but I did manage to snap N.Lo, who was antsy and concerned, but made it through. The place catered to kids, with racecar and airplane seats, TVs at every station, and a great play/waiting area. N.Lo and K.Lo got a big kick especially out of the pirate boat with slide. K.Lo also performed impressively well during her haircut, so long as I kept her in lollipops and green popcorn, of which there were extensive supplies. We had the place to ourselves first thing in the morning, and I’m kind of proud of our success in this mission!


The purpose behind the mission was Staff Photo Day. Compared to last year, the overall session was a disappointment, as we were only able to capture about half the number of photos to choose from. It was just before nap time for N.Lo, and K.Lo oscillated between outgoing and shy until both were Just Done. Completely understandable. Though, the photographer didn’t help much, either, and I had a tougher time selecting poses and understanding the packages this go-around; I do much better when given a price sheet, rather than a dashed-off, mumbled explanation. Not that I’m bitter. All I can say is, better luck next time! And there will surely be a next time. Until then, we’ll enjoy what we walked away with:


And who could be unhappy with that adorable staff??

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  1. Andria says:

    ugh for all of the let downs and effort, but the end result is adorable! Or dare I say. .priceless. The hair place looks fun, too!

  1. Can we haz pikchurs pleez? We haz no current pikchurs except what we haz stolen frum ur blog kthnxluvubai!