N.Lo is such a mockingbird as of late, sometimes our company seems wired with surround sound. And sometimes they know it. After picking up K.Lo from the outsourcer today, we stopped by Target for a few items, and as always, K.Lo wanted to get out of the car immediately, repeating the request incessantly as I gathered my things together. “I want to get out. Out. Out.” And so then N.Lo joined in: “Out. Out. Out.” They began trading off, and when I turned around to give them A Look, they were both smirking! Have they been with this company long enough for this sort of “teamwork?” Hmm.


K.Lo is stuck on the word “super” lately, which she has apparently picked up from Management, who apparently says it a lot! It is “super” cute, however, when she comments with seriousness: “I’m super-hot,” or similar.


N.Lo is quite conversational these days, stringing together words in sentences that are intelligible only to Management, but there nonetheless, along with intonation and apparent understanding. A favorite conversation occurred today while I was buckling him into the company car. I swear it happened:

N.Lo, out of nowhere: Barack Obama.

The Manager: Barack Obama! Do you like him?

N.Lo: Yeah!

The Manager: Well, all right. Is that who you would have voted for?

N.Lo: Yeah.

The Manager: Hmm. I voted for John McCain, what do you think of that?

N.Lo: Dumb.

The Manager: Okay, then! Fair enough. …What about Ron Paul, do you like him?

N.Lo: Yeah.

[I was reaching, I know.]

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2 peanuts:
  1. Beth says:

    Oh my goodness, that whole political conversation you had with N.Lo is hilarious!! My conversations with the little guy include "CookieCookieCookie?" No, we're not going to have any cookies.... "COOKIECOOKIECOOKIE!" No, we're not going to have any cookies... "CookieCOOKIE?" while signing 'please'.... sigh. :)

    Hey, I found that double stroller! At Baby Depot. It DOES fold down nicely... Now for the big side-by-side question: how do you keep K.Lo and N.Lo from bothering each other?

  1. penelope says:

    The cookie conversation is the one that usually happens. :) With both kids!

    Strangely, they don't bother each other in the stroller? (I say this with trepidation, knowing that speaking the words will jinx it all.) Taking walks has always been a good, um, silencing technique. :) Sometimes there are battles over who gets what side. If K.Lo gets squirrelly, sometimes I have her get out and help push.