Granted, we only went away for a few days, but our employees returned to the office a little more grown and changed.

P1030402K.Lo is even more girly, all of a sudden. The past two mornings she has woken up requesting pigtails, thus fulfilling one of my lifetime Managerial Dreams. (Neat and groomed hair! With accoutrement!) The first morning, she ultimately chickened out, but this morning, we had success! She immediately ran to the mirror to check herself out, and has actually been spied on more than one occasion gazing into our bathroom mirror with an “I’m so pretty” look about her. Mirror, mirror, on the wall… She is also very into nail polish as well, thanks to time spent with her pal Dellaina, and we have purchased some new colors for our collection. Of course, fingers and toes are repainted daily. K.Lo *may* also be more secretive and moody, closing doors when she wants to work alone. Hmm. I thought she was 3, not 13…

And N.Lo may be 20+ months, but really he is 2 years old, in spirit. Mr. Independent, for better and worse! He finally, finally insisted on walking from the car the Outsourcer yesterday, and I sincerely hope that desire sticks. He held my hand as well, which is obviously a must, but he is typically quite resistant, so it was a proud moment. Around the office, he would really rather do most things for himself, even if he is unable or not allowed. Like peeling oranges. Filling drink cups. Cracking crab legs. P1030403Putting on shoes. Opening doors and containers, etc. If the situation does not unfold as he wishes, N.Lo squawks, “No!” and either snatches the item in question, and/or dissolves into a little N.Lo puddle on the floor. Stubborn! But charming. Here, he wanted his picture taken, too, and offered his trademark “Cheese!”

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4 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    cute cute cute! Love the pigtails and even more girlie surliness! and LOVE the Cheese smile!

  1. they grow so fast.

  1. Beth says:

    I love the cheese as well. :)

  1. somebody's mom says:

    Leaps and bounds. Delightful.