N.Lo: I’m…silly! [And indeed he is, wearing the CEO’s hat, a red, glittery skirt, and dancing around the room to Mamma Mia!]

N.Lo, pulling at the back of his chair: Mama…up! [He means, “Push me up!” which K.Lo says daily.]

K.Lo: Mm-hmm. Nn-nnn. [For “yes” and “no.” I wouldn’t normally note it, but you can tell she is testing the waters with these nearly non-verbals, because she nods or shakes her head, and then smiles.]

K.Lo: Mommy, don’t push me. [This aggravated me very much, because she was slamming N.Lo’s door shut, with us inside, and the second time I told her “no” and pulled the door from her grasp, she fell backward, and cried like I had pushed her. We had a talk about it. I don’t want her to ever think I’d push her, for heaven’s sake, even if I’m annoyed. Arg.]

K.Lo: Monday, Monday, Monday. Must be Fun-day. In a rich’s man’s world. [K.Lo’s take on a Mamma Mia! song.]

K.Lo, to the Regional Manager: I still have some growing to do.

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  1. Andria says:

    Mama Mia was the answer to a question on the 1 vs. 100 last night and I thought of you.