It’s occurred to me recently that K.Lo some of our company might be more productive throughout the work day if we get out of the office, at least for a little while. Personally, I prefer to work in the office, but if it means fewer work place conflicts in the long-run, then I’m willing to make a few compromises with the staff. Today, we ended up at a park that’s across town from our office, one I’ve been meaning to check out on our own (we’ve only been there for group events) because there is a trail there. I made the plan last night, and then cancelled temporarily due to the forecast: thunderstorms all day long. But, thankfully, this morning the forecast had been changed, pushing back the thunderstorms to this afternoon and evening, and so we headed out. The timing worked to our advantage, as there weren’t a lot of other companies there, much less outsourcing groups, who may have cancelled their own plans with the prospective rain. My employees were generally thrilled with the playground, as usual, and the trail was fun, for a short way. I’m not exactly sure how far it wraps around the park, and factoring in short legs and time constraints, decided not to find out just yet. Lovely to be outside for a stretch, though, in the peaceful quiet of the woods.




Hellooooo, N.Lo.



Weeee! But not really. Slides weren’t especially slick.


N.Lo pretty much crawled down.







Gonna get ya!



Big girl.


Puddle jumper!


Don’t take my picture! Swing me!




Carnivorous plants…


Bridge leading to the trail.


A little pushing and shoving amongst office-mates.


And the little one stopped to tie his shoe… or tried really hard to keep us, as the case was…


Now, follow me!

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6 peanuts:
  1. you almost look like you're out in nature. that's crazy.

  1. almost anonymous says:

    Love the photo series.

  1. penelope says:

    I know, it seems like nature would look really similar?

    thanks, aa! :)

  1. Looks like a perfect day says:

    I especially like the long shot in the tunnel slide.

  1. Andria says:

    I love the bridge! and K.Lo's dress! And the excitement and slight tussling. And the look of damp outdoors. refreshing and the joy of getting out after being cooped up during storms. fun times. N.Lo looks like he has really stretched out!