• This week in our office, we are on a Mamma Mia! kick (again), watching the movie daily, listening to the soundtrack in the car, dancing and singing our way through the work day… We apparently cannot help ourselves. 
  • K.Lo is very particular about whether or not you should sing along, and her rules are unpredictable. “No, no, I can sing it by mySELF.” Or, “Sing, Mommy!” It’s best to do what she says, when she says it. 
  • Her song titles and lyrics are nothing short of fantastic. “Mamma Mia, here I go again! My, my, having my sister!” remains the whole of the title song, and it is repeated ad infinitum. K.Lo knows the mommy in the movie is named Donna, and she has placed Donna’s name in the song that goes, “Don’t go wasting your emotion…” so that it is something like, “Donna waisty Shawna motion…” It kind of sounds Chinese.
  • I’m a little alarmed that she is more accurate with lyrics to “Voulez-Vous” and “Does Your Mother Know.” Not many, but still.
  • She has a lot of questions during the movie, like what are the characters’ names (I make them up if I don’t know), and what are they doing, and are they happy or sad, and what are they wearing, and why. The questions are usually the same; I think she just likes to hear Mommy’s answers.
  • N.Lo dances along with the best of them and has also been overheard singing “Mamma Mia!” (one line repeated over and over) while he jumps around.
  • After a second successful day at the Outsourcer (we weren’t sure how it would go, as there was a bit more resistance this morning re: the New Room), K.Lo briefed us in the car on her lessons, including all the songs she sang in Miss Jan’s room. The one about the monkeys rolling over. ABC song. Something about a monster and the letter M. The Itsy-Bitsy Spider and the Itsy-Bitsy Monkey… Near the end of her story, N.Lo, who had been on the verge of a nap? deep in thought, launched into the ABC song, making it all the way up to the letter P? I think? Shocked me right out of my shoes! Go, N.Lo.
  • Both employees give and expect to receive applause at the end of every song, whether it is on TV/music player, or they are singing it themselves. My very favorite, however, is when K.Lo takes a deep bow, and says, “Thank you very much.” And N.Lo’s little, “Yaaaaaay!”

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