Company excursions to the gym, a.k.a. Exercise Place, have been going much more smoothly. I try not to push it with more than two visits per week with the employees in tow, but perhaps I am also a lazy girl who will seize any convenient excuse to opt out. K.Lo still attempts to convince me that I need to stay home for exercise, but the argument has become more half-hearted. Now, she mostly says, “Why?” as if truly incredulous of the gym visit. Or maybe I am projecting.


When we pull up to Exercise Place, both kids exclaim, “Exercise!” and walk (mostly) willingly to the door. Even in the rain. Indeed, I was proud of all of us for persevering this morning in the wet weather. N.Lo still cried at drop-off, but I’m told that once I’m out of sight, he is fine. Today, K.Lo colored a few pages, and while sorting out which artwork was hers and preparing for our rain-race to the car, we forgot her purse, which I didn’t notice until about an hour after we returned back to the office. We convinced the CEO to stop by the gym for us later, as Exercise Place is right across the street from his office, and so it was returned safely to K.Lo later in the day.


Tomorrow will mark Day 3 of the New Room at preschool tomorrow, and we will see if K.Lo remains resistant. Mainly, I believe she is embracing the change, but misses her old teachers and routine a little bit. I’m sure it’s mystifying as to why she can’t go back, but luckily there is magic in moving forward as well. 


Our company has been keeping its eyes peeled for a Big Boy Bed, for N.Lo, and considering style, expense, etc, we have decided to go in a new direction, which happens to coincide with my plans for K.Lo’s 4th Date of Hire Anniversary. At that time, K.Lo will pass along her bed to N.Lo, and receive the Manager’s old bed, which is a canopy, along with a cubicle makeover. A Princess Makeover, to be exact. Obviously, more updates on this project will be forthcoming over the next few months. The transition will be interesting (change! oh no!), but we feel ultimately it will be exciting for all.


In the meantime, N.Lo has as yet only tried once to escape from his crib, that time he flipped forward and landed smack on his head, and seems happy enough to stay for a few more months. Other than the small storm of kicking that goes on in there sometimes. He’s having fun, but at the same time, it sounds like he will break the thing in half. Boys.

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