There’s just not a mean bone in N.Lo’s little body. I know some of it is his age, but he completely dotes on others, attuning to conversation when you don’t even realize he’s listening, and picking up on what a person wants. And bringing it to that person. “Here you go.” Usually, the recipient is K.Lo. He brings her drinks, as I’ve mentioned before. He always requests a second helping of whatever snack he’s receiving, so he can bring it to K.Lo, whom he calls, “Cullie.” Tonight, K.Lo asked in an offhand way if we could play MarioKart Wii, and a few moments later, N.Lo totters out to the kitchen with a Wii remote for both the CEO and myself. Things like that. He pays attention.

Except when he’s completely in his own world, which is also endearing. He enjoys long stretches of independent project work, which the Manager thoroughly appreciates. Although I do very much love to work directly with my employees, the break is also nice. (K.Lo, take note! Kidding! Sort of…)

Some new developments are a sort of hop-skip-gallop N.Lo likes to do around the office, usually while wearing a bucket on his head. Or a drum, whichever. I’ve tried to capture the motion in pictures, but it’s difficult.


My little bucket-head.

While he’s apparently sweet through and through, he has also been with the company for nearly two years, and it shows. He can be stubbornly independent, as well as fussy over small details that you’re not aware of until he throws a fit. And then the issue is even harder to discern. His fit usually consists of crying, stamping his feet and sometimes, if it’s a really big deal, he runs down the hall to K.Lo’s room, where he cries for 30 seconds and then returns, apparently fine. Maybe a little pouty. Definitely a little pouty.

The fuss is usually over his drink, which he wants to participate in preparing. Trouble is, it can be messy, especially if he misses the spot with the fridge drink dispenser. He does, however, get the towel even if it’s a little splash of water running down the fridge, and insists on mopping up.

Maybe he’ll be a neat-nick (ha! get it?) neatnik, or maybe it is the approaching two-year DOHA, but he does enjoy cleaning up. Always has, really, and here is another personality trait I think employees are hired with—you are either inclined, or you are not. (Not good or bad, it just is what it is.) Although tonight, I feel he took it maybe a little too far by wiping out his spaghetti bowl with a non-disposable napkin. Which let’s be honest, is probably ruined… What can you do. Technically, it was very helpful of him?

And a last sad, pitiful and completely endearing facet of N.Lo’s personality: after said fusses, fits and tantrums, upon returning to the rational world and being handed his drink or scooped up, he says “Thank you.” Every single time. “Thank you… much.” So unnecessarily sweet! Kills me.

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2 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    awww. so sweet. what a good little helper.
    and glad to see we're not the only ones emulating! That or similar office supplies and similar employees yield similar results!
    another New look?! I know you were going batty over the bug with the last one, but thought it was the poll issue? I do like it!

  1. ~sarah says:

    adorable! you've got some good ones there! my mom says that when i was little, i would insist she wipe my mouth after every bite before i'd take another. she especially liked to tell me that story when i was in elementary school and was shoveling food into my own mouth so fast that i didn't notice it was also dribbling down my chin. i think i've since found a good middle ground there. n.lo. will hopefully keep his neatnik skills intact throughout his hire though. maybe when he's big enough to do it on his own, he will enjoy dusting and mopping and you can let him have all the fun while you tackle other tasks! : )