• N.Lo has added “ma’am” to his “yes,” as in “Yes, Ma’am.” It’s beyond darling and polite; however, I’m not really sure where he’s picked up the habit? My charming Southern colleagues tend to enforce it as a rule, which I’ve always found adorable, not to mention smart, but I myself have never pressed their calling me “ma’am” in regular address. (Although I do say, “Yes, Ma’am,” sometimes in conversation with K.Lo?)
  • As mentioned before, N.Lo is pretty much attached to two blankies, his standard green and the backup white. Heaven forbid we drop one. “Other one! I want other one!”
  • The CEO was kind enough to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few things on the way back to the office, and purchased two new sippy cups for the employees. Historically, N.Lo has had a problem with sippies, still only able to drink from one specific, extremely pliable type for over a year now. Still can’t drink from a straw. So he’s excited by this new Lightning McQueen cup, but gives it a try and almost immediately hands it back. “No. Too. Hard.” And then he refuses to drink from the cup from that point on. He’ll be drinking beer from Nuby sippy cups, someday.
  • Lately, the employee isn’t nearly as interested in the cafeteria. Eats a few bites at meals. Hasn’t had his milk in days. He is thinning out, but in the way of growing taller and leaner, but clearly is not wasting away.
  • He’s an absolute doll while shopping. I’m well aware it won’t last, but at the moment he is perfectly content to ride in the cart (saying “more, more!” trying to get me to go faster), sit in the dressing room patiently, and flirt with the cashiers. Until he’s ready to go, in which case, he stands up and teeters there until I pick him up. Gives me a heart attack.
  • Boy-hires must be hard-wired to love cars. The CEO began receiving a couple new car magazines recently, and N.Lo sits next to him, pointing out various machines in an awed, reverent little voice.
  • N.Lo performed well this past weekend at the Regional Manager’s office, according to reports, while the Manager went on a company retreat. He didn’t fuss once while put into his crib for the Night Shift and Afternoon Break. Though, he now completely fills out the crib and may be transferred to an airbed next visit. He brought shoes to whomever he wanted to accompany him outside. He sat on the potty, more in emulation of his coworker (we’re not going there yet, for true ERR training), and seemed perfectly content. When he heard Mama was about to come back 10 minutes before I returned, he wanted to go outside, ran down the driveway and fell, scraping his knees—first and only fall of the weekend. K.Lo fixed him up with a band-aid. All told, no meltdowns occurred until, once again, my return. Sigh. Because clearly I was very missed!

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3 peanuts:
  1. somebody's mom says:

    Yup.. the holding it all together until Mom gets back. I'm very familiar with that scenario. Is it to punish you for having been gone, (not being omnipresent) or just that it is now safe to express the stress from the being so good for so long while mom was gone?

  1. almost anonymous says:

    I got a soccer ball to the face at a YMCA game and didn't start crying until my parents walked in, so I understand the sentiment.

  1. Andria says:

    You know Megan (I'm sure she won't mind me speaking for her) and I are both very proud of that Yes Ma'am! Good boy, N.Lo. - what a gentleman!

    It's so good to know our male employees are going through many of the same things - it's very reassuring.