Three ways, starring K.Lo.

  1. P1030693 When we pick K.Lo up from the Outsourcer, she not only gives us a rundown of her own day, but asks us about ours. What did you do, where did you go, who did you see? My favorite is, What did N.Lo watch [on TV]?
  2. While the Manager was on her brief retreat this weekend, K.Lo behaved well at the Regional Manager’s office. Slept one night, did not sleep the second night. Only mentioned that she missed the Manager one time, when she was overtired. She may have mentioned to the Regional Manager that I once yelled at a truck, while driving, but did not offer details as to what I actually said. Good girl.
  3. K.Lo has been excited about N.Lo’s party, discussing the details every day, and hoping that the party is tomorrow, even though it’s in another 3 weeks. While I ran an errand the other evening, the details emerged in another way. This employee does not do so well with fast transitions, and as such, had not been properly prepped for my departure. It was the end of the work day, fuses were short, and so the CEO was treated to something like the following: “Our friends will NOT go to N.Lo’s party, and we will NOT sing Happy Birthday. We will NOT make Elmo cupcakes and I will NOT wear a dress.” Etc, etc. Etc. By the next morning, of course, she was back to excitement, revising the details of N.Lo’s cake, which apparently will feature Barbie and Tinkerbell.

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