Ah, the Pumpkin Patch. Such an easy, inexpensive excursion, and so very Fall. We usually pick berries here, but apparently they do pumpkins, too. I took a lot pics, mainly because all the gourds, flowers, colors, etc, just make me happy. Will be compiling a Julie Andrews-style song in due time.



P1040088 P1040089  

Checking out the goose gourds, which really do look like geese! And are much less brazen.



Beautiful Indian corn.


Gourds. I try to point out textures to K.Lo. N.Lo has always been drawn to them on his own…

P1040094 P1040100


These giant mums are sort of amazing!


Pumpkins grow on trees, and peppers, too. Didn’t you know?

P1040106 P1040107

Quit taking pictures, and come on!







Looking everywhere but up!


Ha ha ha… Moving on.


P1040119 P1040120

P1040122 P1040124 P1040121

Here is the actual, designated Photo Op Spot, onto which only N.Lo ventured, briefly. Maybe another day…


P1040125 P1040126  P1040132


“No, you can’t sit on these, mama…”


“Look at this GIANT UMBRELLA!”

P1040134 P1040137

Sitting for a moment. Wondering why it is we can’t pick strawberries right now. They are on K.Lo’s dress, after all… Then, time to buy some apples and baby pumpkins and head home.

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  1. erin j says:

    SWEET!!! totally checking this our next week! were the pumpkins reasonably priced? did you have ice cream? we passed by on the way to soccer and elijah about flew out of the car wanting a pumpkin!!

  1. pen says:

    I think they were reasonably price, but I only looked at a few. No ice cream today! Although the flavors... mmmmm. Next time. I bought the apples, and the kids each picked a baby pumpkin, which were a buck each.

  1. Andria says:

    Awesome! Very inspiring. .totally looking into pumpkin patches in our area now!
    I LOVE the pumpkin tree. I want one.

  1. Andria says:

    oh and that umbrella is Ginormous!

  1. ~sarah says:

    i love n.lo's little bag. : ) is that his choice? what's he keep in there?

  1. pen says:

    The CEO would like to put forth that N.Lo's bag is not in fact a purse, but a messenger bag. :) It was N.Lo's choice, along with a pink, butterfly ball cap that so unfortunately did not make it to the photo shoot.

    I kind of want the pumpkin turkey kit? Not that I would ever pay that much. Just think it's clever.

  1. Outta my gourd! says:

    I get short of breath just seeing photos of so many pumpkins and gourds and oh my, only one baby pumpkin each! If it was me, the trunk of the car would have been full.

    I grew goose neck gourds one year. Very successful, however they all have straight necks since I trained the vines to grow up onto the ginormous shrub at the back.

  1. jenn says:

    How fun! Dan and I have started an annual tradition of apple and pumpkin picking in the fall. In fact, I think we're headed to a farm this weekend. Yay for fall!

  1. Andria says:

    The turkey kit would extend the use of the pumpkin another month, no? wonder if it would really hold up?
    I saw a picture in a magazine (I think. .maybe Pottery Barn? or something more "country" - maybe even Martha Stewart in the check out aisle, I don't recall, sorry) using the stem of the pumpkins as a funky nose and it was pretty cute and creative, I thought.