P1040178It was field trip day at the Outsourcer, with a visit to the local fire department. K.Lo was mainly excited about the prospect, though reserved as usual on arrival to the classroom. I signed the permission slip while her teachers suited her up with a white kerchief they tie around all the kids’ necks, to keep track of them, I guess? Regardless, it was rather adorable. One poor kid was crying his face off at the idea of a field trip, and I was hoping K.Lo wouldn’t get any ideas.


P1040179That would be a Halloween Oreo in K.Lo’s hand and on her face. We (and I mean mostly I) can’t stop eating them. Tomorrow, the rest will be used for N.Lo’s cupcakes. Thank goodness.




Apparently, she had a good time! The story came out in snippets that she rode a big white bus to the Fire ‘Partment, and she sat next to Sarah Paige and Emma. K.Lo cried at first on the bus, but Emma told her that the bus wasn’t scary, and so K.Lo stopped crying at the Fire ‘Partment. She saw a fireman, who wears a big black coat so he won’t get burned. There was a big truck, but K.Lo did not go on it to have her picture taken. But she did stand on the black line to have her picture taken? I assume they all lined up.

They were sent home with a sticker and ribbon, along with a fire hat—cute to see them all hanging on the line in K.Lo’s classroom. (In the 3-year-old room, all the kids’ paperwork and activities are hung on a clothesline for us to take at pickup.) N.Lo, of course, hijacked the fire hat temporarily, walking to the car with it on his head and covering his face. K.Lo and I found him amusing.

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  1. Andria says:

    yay, exciting! So glad she overcame her fears! It's so much fun to try to get the story out of them, isn't it?