Our office is hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, and K.Lo is capable of so much more in the area of crafting, so I am stepping up our efforts to decorate the office a little bit. We started small today, with a few project kits picked up on clearance at the craft store, as well as an adapted project from a cool site recommended by a fellow manager.


Here is one of the kits, which I think was $.75. As far as teamwork went, I basically put it all together while K.Lo attended to her own project, cooking up a bowlful of google eyes and plastic beads, served with a plastic spoon. Yummy. Some of these projects are still difficult to fully enlist the staff because they involve use of the hot glue gun, which I can barely operate myself without injury. In fact, I did suffer a glob of hot glue on my finger which I couldn’t shake off for several long and painful seconds. Would you believe glue doesn’t shake off? It’s shocking. Anyway, the scarecrow is cool, but he has to stay on the book shelf, as he can’t stand up by himself. Top heavy.


Here is the turkey, which we made from felt instead of foam. K.Lo was more than cooperative as I traced her hand, and then we put it all together. It reminds me of the turkeys we used to make from construction paper in elementary school; I like it because it’s also a record of hand size. Pretty sure K.Lo likes it, too.


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  1. AcidRayne says:

    Yay crafts! And woohoo Thanksgiving at your house this year--it's the same for us. Assigning & requesting dishes from participants to make life easier, you? Craft idea! Cut out or if you can find it, buy some fall leaf shapes in any medium, then write things each of you is thankful for on the leaves, and string them up like garland :) The kids can decorate with glitter glue, pom-poms, whatever floats their boats and yours! :D <3