For some long months now, Human Resources have been engaged in a low-grade, background argument regarding the hire of a third (and final, let’s emphasize) employee. Without getting into specifics at this time, we will simply note that the CEO’s vote is “nay” and Human Resources says, “YAY.” So the running joke in our office has become the CEO commenting in key moments of mayhem—think employee meltdowns, excessive noise, accidents, managerial forgetfulness: “And you want a third.”

He finds himself rather hilarious, that CEO.

Today in the gym parking lot, just as we arrived, K.Lo was going on and on and on about being thirsty, repeating the request as she so often does, until acknowledged. It can drive this Manager a little batty, having to scramble for the “Off” button. (Ignoring does not work, oh no.) Especially annoyed in the moment, I responded along the lines of, “K.Lo, I hear you. You do not have to say it over and over and over again. It”

To which she responded: “Oh.” Followed by, “Mommy, and you want a third?”


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  1. somebody's mom says:

    Too funny!

    When they are adorable they are so very very adorable, what's a little angst. and leave us not forget that they will gradually require less attention and energy and will someday go off to school, and then maybe come back home and loan you their cars and buy you stripy socks.

  1. Beth says:

    Heh. I get that all the time... in a moment of stress: "See? This is why we are good with two." It makes me feel like I'm doing such a crummy job/barely hanging on with two, I couldn't possibly be trusted/endured with three.

    OK, maybe it's not *that* bad, but I am feeling a bit snarky tonight. :)

    And oh how I love the incessant repetition of various requests or observations (think "TRACTOR! TRACTOR! TRACTOR! TRACTOR! TRACTOR! TRACTOR!") until acknowledged. "YES, that IS a tractor." And then the sweet "Daddy has one." Well yes he does. Too bad I didn't acknowledge you sooner, I could have saved my ears five tractors. :)

  1. Andria says:

    hahaha. I bet it made the CEO proud/laugh to hear as well.

    I so concur with Beth!!! As you said as well, Pen, ignoring just doesn't cut it, because the refrain continues and escalates in volume and speed! it's much easier to just acknowledge in some form, no matter how minor. Until they get old enough that even that is critiqued. "what do you mean, 'uh-huh' are you really listening to me?" *sigh.