‘Witness: Christmas morning at the Lo.Co. Several outfit changes, including some underpants-only uniform decisions. (Guess what N.Lo’s favorite present was??) Wrapping paper. Mayhem. Smiles. Excitement! Lots of dolls and a couple tea sets. A Long-Suffering Bailey Dog. Some car remote control action. And a little New Year’s thrown in. Whew! What fun!

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2 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    wow! what fun. Are you Traning N.Lo. to use the Employee Restroom?! We need to start over here, but I just have trouble tackling it.
    What a fancy shirt for Miss K.Lo. I must admit I feel so much better when she wears clothes! I remember the fans in your house and it's COLD outside, child! I love that N.Lo. wears his socks with just his underwear. no pants. he looks so chill looking/coloring in his books.
    I see a pile of kisses next to K.Lo. on the couch!
    what a LARGE doll!
    Can we come over and play the I Spy game?!

  1. pen says:

    COLD! Tell me about it! Strong-willed little K.Lo. The tally of places we haven't gone due to warm-clothes refusal is rising. The fancy outfit has a matching set for her doll, which I need to take a pic of. Very cute. The large doll is K.Lo's new sister. No comment. :)

    And no, no ERR training here just yet. No rush. I'm thinking 2 1/2? I just don't want to go there yet, and there's some signs he's interested, but eh. I think the training will be shorter/less painful if we wait. And isn't summer supposed to be easier training time, especially with boys? Let them run around with no pants on, which my employees are so good at already... ;) I loved that he loved the big-boy underpants, though, it was sweet how he had to wear them immediately.

    Um yeah, when ya comin' over?? :)