Where our office is located, we don’t see much snow – which, at this point in my career, I’m okay with. But, when it does arrive, it is about perfect. Just the right amount, stays only a little while. Makes it that much more magical.

This morning, while the Manager slept, the employees ventured outside. Let’s also note that the CEO bundled up the employees and was able witness the employees’ joy firsthand, rather than in pictures. Good timing, Snowfall, arriving on a Saturday!

 P1040977  P1040980 P1040981 P1040982P1040986 P1040987 P1040988 P1040989 P1040990  P1040978P1040983 P1040984  P1040985


Pause for a break inside, with a little static head…



And then, when the Manager woke up, it was back out again for some more fun.

Shaking the tree for some extra snowfall…

P1050009 P1050010 P1050011


Coming after the poor Company Photographer. Ahhhh!

P1050013 P1050012  P1050006P1050014


Snow Angels! K.Lo, the Manager and the CEO, respectively.

 P1050015 P1050016 P1050030 P1050031


Chasing around in the snow…

P1050002 P1050003 P1050004 P1050005  P1050008


Fun for the Canine Staff!

P1050036 P1050039


The rolling of a ginormous snowball/photo op spot…

 P1050019 P1050022P1050023 P1050021P1050024    P1050025 P1050026 P1050027


King of the World! Except K.Lo, who said, “No, I’m a princess.”





And then down the hill for some sledding, on the employee-dubbed Rocket Run. After a few unsatisfactory turns sliding down, Management improvised to create a makeshift sled (or snowboard, if you must) out of a giant tupperware lid.

P1050028P1050029 P1050040 P1050041 P1050042 P1050043   P1050046 P1050047 P1050048 P1050049 P1050050 P1050051  

See you later, Snowfall! You’re already melting, but we hope you come again soon!

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2 peanuts:
  1. that is crazy. and awesome. check- play in snow- off your list for the year.