• N.Lo likes the responsibility of throwing things into the trash can. He returns very proud from these expeditions. Lately, he comes back saying, “Ka-chow!” (From Cars.)
  • K.Lo sometimes traps Management into unproductive, stubborn conversations that are like verbal Devil’s Snare. Yesterday, she insisted that our town had a parachute store, and she wanted to go there to buy a parachute. Cute! Except not, because in her mind there really was a parachute store and she really wanted to go there. Right then. Suggestions for pretend parachute shopping or visiting the parachute store another day were adamantly rejected. Sigh.
  • And this morning, a similar conversation occurred, wherein K.Lo proposed that the Manager stay with her at the Outsourcer. Somehow this conversation escalated into my saying something like, “K.Lo. That’s not how the Outsourcer works. Managers leave. That’s the way it is. And I’m tired of getting into these nowhere conversations with you.” I fully expected protest in response. Instead, K.Lo paused, smiled mysteriously and said, “Things have changed on my planet.” … ???
  • N.Lo, ever into music, has begun to ask in the car, “What’s that music called?” As in, what’s the name of the song? So I’ll tell him, and he repeats the name back, and he’ll talk about whether or not he likes it. And he has opinions.
  • The employees went through a phase recently where they left any and all veggies on their plates. It seems to have ended, for which the Kitchen Staff is grateful. But after awhile, the Manager did realize what was really going on. K.Lo wasn’t eating her veggies. And therefore, by all coworker logic, neither was N.Lo. N.Lo, who admires and mimics his coworkers all throughout the work day. The day the moratorium happened to end, the Manager suggested, as usual, “N.Lo, eat your green beans!” and he said, “No! I don’t want green beans. I don’t like them.” Thirty seconds later, K.Lo miraculously picked up a handful of green beans and ate them. N.Lo, who of course was observing carefully, picked up a handful as well. “I’m going to eat my green beans!” Well, thank goodness for that. 

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5 peanuts:
  1. ~sarah says:

    This whole post had me smiling. Ka-Chow! Things have changed on my planet. Fantastic! Your employees are very entertaining. Also, did she say why she needed a parachute? Planning on sky diving later? : )

  1. almost anonymous says:

    Ditto the smiling.

    "Things have changed on my planet." That's hysterical...and something you can throw back at her :)

  1. somebody's mom says:

    I did find that telling my son who was about five years old that he wouldn't like artichokes because they were 'adult' food, promptly tried and liked it.

    N Lo discussing music, absolutely love it!

  1. jenn says:

    Things have changed on my planet. . . hilarious!!

  1. Andria says:

    Wyatt has been saying "Ka-chow!" a lot lately, too! how funny.
    "Things are changing on my planet" wow. love it. you can't script this stuff! Wyatt & Dellaina both have opinions about the music selection as well. Especially if I change the station, "but, I liked that song! It's my favorite!" even if they've never heard it before