In spite of our fortuitous location, the Lo.Co. doesn’t make it to the beach often. Primarily because, even in spite of March water temperatures, K.Lo will not stay out. And frankly, the Manager just isn’t going in. So we’re at a crossroads – until the Inspector comes to town, anyway. Lovely 3 hours, spent this past Monday. We’re still filing a grievance re: $6 for parking, but ah, nature. Friendship. Little darlings in the sand. Priceless.

P1050209DSC00981    P1050179P1050181


P1050184 P1050180P1050186P1050187

P1050185   P1050195

 P1050196 P1050197 P1050200P1050198  P1050201 P1050202


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  1. somebodys mom says:


  1. Ashley says:

    Cute pix! K.Lo.'s hair is getting really long!!

  1. Beth says:

    K.Lo's little glasses are to die for. :)