• N.Lo has been training in the Employee Rest Room pretty much every afternoon while at the office. Still no pants. The Manager wonders when we’ll be able to make that transition, but otherwise, he seems to get it. Proud! He likes to be called a “rock star” for any successes.


  • K.Lo loves to push some buttons, particularly at the end of the day when it is cleanup time. Management is kind with instructions and reminders until about the 5th time, when our tone shifts. The other evening, she lost use of her Candy Land and I Spy games for hiding in the closet instead of picking them up and putting them away. K.Lo, K.Lo… come on. We don’t ask much. However, the Manager found her comment a few mornings later very interesting: “I’m not going to play with toys in my room today, because I don’t want to clean them up later.” Hmmm.


  • K.Lo has really clicked with bike riding (with training wheels, anyway) and rides circles and circles and more circles around the concrete area in the backyard. So fun to watch.


  • For some reason, both employees demand cheese every morning from the Kitchen Staff. “Don’t forget the cheese!” Mozza sticks and cheddar are the favorites. Since they are healthy fare, the Kitchen Staff usually abides.


  • Yesterday at the Outsourcer (also known as the Gulag), each employee made an art project with a paper plate attached to a pretend placement and ants stamped across the scene. It was to go along with “The Ants Go Marching.” Really cute stuff, but moments after I brought the projects out to the Conference Room to take a closer look, I noticed a ginormous ant of reddish hue on the couch arm, as though it had materialized straight from the art. So weird. I hope it didn’t have friends.


  • The other day at Exercise Place (EP), the ladies informed me that K.Lo played guitar and sang to everyone for about an hour. That’s my girl.


  • K.Lo loves a particular commercial on TV – ironically for feminine products – where a woman strides down the staircase and out the door, shedding layers of fashionable clothing. “She has so many clothes!” Today (keeping in mind it was upper 90s, free of the heat index), she donned no less than 3 dresses and a tank top. And a jump rope necklace. And a plastic drum for a hat, temporarily. When I picked her up from EP, she was wearing just two dresses, and promptly asked for one more (which was around her waist only) to be removed. Kind of like the commercial, over a 2-hour time span.


  • N.Lo, picking up cues from his coworker, shouts “What?!” in response to, “N.Lo!” Also, I’ve heard him saying, “WhatEVer,” mostly to himself. Good thing. :)

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