K.Lo at the Regional Manager’s Office, after N.Lo had an accident in the Employee Rest Room: “Uh-oh! It’s time to freak out!”


N.Lo, every time he puts on a Diego pull-up: “Mommy, can we watch Diego? Is it on now?”


K.Lo, reporting on small mishaps around the office, “Mommy, come and see such-and-such. It’s a big problem.” Occasionally, a la Wonder Pets, “This is serious!” (She sings it.)


N.Lo, at preschool pickup, directly after the teacher reported that he had a great time playing in the sandbox: “No, I didn’t play in the sandbox.” [Pout.]


K.Lo, in excitement and concern over our vacation packing procedures: “Mommy, don’t forget to pack the life jackets and the bathing suits!”


K.Lo, today after preschool, showing off her construction paper 3-corner hat – with a feather in it, of course: “Mommy, guess what? It’s America’s birthday!”

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