• K.Lo’s latest art phase has been rainbow-style coloring, different mediums:

Watercolor, framed awesomely by KJ:

rainbow cloud (Large)

And various crayon pages or colored pencil drawings:

P1050892 P1050893


(The two pictures in the upper left-hand corner of the door are mine and N.Lo’s. K.Lo favors pastels for coloring book pages.)


  • K.Lo finally caught The Cold that’s been circulating our office for two weeks now. Yesterday morning, she handed me the magnet picturing a kid and a thermometer to mark the day on her calendar.


  • Demands from this employee are certainly getting tougher. Management continually ponders this problem out loud, looking for creative solutions. However, although clearly this employee is rather sharp, a future trailblazer for sure, Management often just want the employee to do what she is told. Without an argument. We are sometimes too tired for creative solutions.


  • She sings John Mayer and Matt Costa songs around the house, mindlessly humming the tunes...


  • She also loves the new “flower” cookies we bought, the ones she can wear like a ring and then eat.


  • She tells anyone new she meets that she’s going to be 5 soon. On February 3rd. She *might* think she’s going to kindergarten starting on February 4th, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. :)

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  1. somebodys mom told ducky lucky stories says:

    Could be a made up story about a little girl who was going to be six who expected to move to 1st grade is in order.