• P1050869In the cafeteria, N.Lo has overtaken the Manager’s chair. Seems to be a permanent restructuring.


  • N.Lo’s also had a vague cold for the past few days, or maybe it’s been the past few weeks. Symptoms are mainly a cough and crankiness.


  • K.Lo matter-of-factly pointed out said crankiness this morning to the Manager, after observing N.Lo grumbling to the CEO, “No, don’t talk to me,” in an otherwise upbeat conversation.


  • Crankiness comes in the form of Twoville Tactics, usually regarding order of operations. In other words, Management requests employee action, and employee firmly states, “No,” followed by a condition (“I’ll put on my shoes/color this paper/finish my breakfast first.”). Then, he might or might not follow up on his own condition, and basically it is a very long tug-of-war process to get anything accomplished, much less get out the office door…


  • N.Lo continues to sustain regular injuries, the latest of which have been two badly skinned knees from falling on the concrete outside, as well as a face scrape incurred during a light-sabre fight at a party. (True story. He held his own.)


  • He’s very aware of rules and whether K.Lo is following them, particularly if she uses a “bathroom word,” or if she interrupts Management. He will note firmly, or wearily, depending on the situation, “No, don’t say that, that’s a bathroom word.” Or, “K.Lo, Daddy’s talking right now.”


  • Said interruptions of Managerial convos happen regularly. Frequently. All the time. We might be working on that one for awhile with our little chatterbox. 


  • K.Lo and the CEO had worked out a deal last week regarding Good Behavior and the purchase of a certain black dress from Kohl’s. She earned said dress last Thursday and has been wearing it ever since.


  • The CEO also picked up a few shirts for N.Lo, who insisted on wearing both at the same time.



  • It’s September, and K.Lo’s excited about the prospect of Sunday school starting up again. “It’s September?? That means I get to do the PRAYER TABLE! And the ALTAR TABLE!” etc. (These are learning stations, of sorts, in our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, which she clearly loves very much.)


    • K.Lo is and always has been a “What are we doing tomorrow?” kind of girl. She likes having something to look forward to, as well as understanding what day it is in the normal routine. Lately, she asks what we’re doing not just tomorrow, but also the day after, and the day after that, and the day after that, until the Manager really has no idea what we’re doing anymore, at least not so far in advance…


    • She continues to like to write names, mostly her own, and sometimes remembers all the letters. They might or might not appear in order, but they are usually all on the page, somewhere. Progress!


    • Today the Manager asked, exasperated, “How many times do I have to ask?” And she very cheekily replied, “Three.” Sigh.


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    1. almost anonymous says:

      See, it's all about wanting to know what's coming. :)

    1. ~sarah says:

      Third time's the charm! : )