• Currently, K.Lo has a yellow sheet of paper taped to her TV. I’m not really sure what this is all about, although K.Lo seems to like seeing the colorful “shadows” at night. Who is the Manager to argue with an employee’s creativity.


  • K.Lo likes to say about certain songs, “It has a good beat!”


  • Our office is relocating, eventually, and Management decided to tell the employees because, well, it would be really hard not to tell K.Lo. She has a lot of questions, that one. And Management feels, considering K.Lo’s work style, that it’s best to let her process over time, rather than dropping a bomb last-minute. Sure enough, K.Lo is alternately excited and nervous about this move, to the extent that she can wrap her mind around it. Mainly, she wants to know if we’ll be taking specific supplies with us to the new office, although occasionally she’ll mention other concerns, such as what the new Outsourcer will be like, or whether there will be places to play. The Manager gives answers to the best of her knowledge while secretly worrying about their truth. We are looking forward to a new location!

    • N.Lo is mainly oblivious to the upcoming relocation, as he should be. However, as some days at the now well-familiar Outsourcer are still difficult, the Manager has a bit of nerves about starting all. over. again. At a new Outsourcer. Which we will hopefully find.


    • K.Lo, having an active imagination as well as access to television commercials and water-cooler talk at the Outsourcer, comes up with new items every day for her Christmas/Birthday Wish List. (It’s a collective entity, at this point.) She practices what she’ll tell Santa, and likes to actually see the list that’s stored on the Manager’s computer. Recent additions were a scooter, roller skates, Beauty and the Beast a Lalaloopsy Doll and a backscratcher.


    • N.Lo lately does things on his own time, in his own way, and it’s best not to mess with him – which is why training in the Employee Rest Room has all but come to a halt. Although recently, he did randomly discover the art of peeing in the potty while standing up.


    • The Manager realizes N.Lo’s 3rd Date of Hire Anniversary is fast approaching, but don’t ask her about it, please. She has no idea, on anything.

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    2 peanuts:
    1. Beth says:

      1. I love that K.Lo wants a backscratcher, and
      2. I am right there with you on total denial about the impending doom of the upcoming birthday(s). Sigh.

      I mean, I'm assuming there is a fair amount of denial coming into play there. I definitely do not mean to negate the gigantic amount of other stuff you have on your plate!

    1. pen says:

      Lots and lots of denial. :)