Bender (the big black dog) might receieve less praise than frustration around here on a regular basis for her antics, but K.Lo would like to recognize that you're doing a "Good job, Bender!" In fact, Bender doesn't have to do anything to receive this praise from our star employee. K.Lo, who had learned to say, "Good job!" in self-congratulation, has now progressed into the blanket congratulation of, "Good job, Bender!" after she or anyone has done something well. Throw your garbage in the trash, put your dirty dish in the sink, sing the Alphabet song, and it's, "Good job, Bender!"

So Bender, it's your time to shine. The universe is coming back around, showing you some long-overdue love. And I'm sure in your daydreams, you are catching that tennis ball.

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1 peanuts:
  1. ashley says:

    Ah, Bender. Now if you could only get control of your licking...but we'll leave that for your next performance review.