Attention all employees: Human Resources has informed us that we have lost both of our smallest toothbrushes in the past week. That would be the pink one and the blue one, approximately 3 inches long. Please be on the lookout for said toothbrushes throughout your day today, and if you should happen to find one, bring it to the manager immediately.

Also, in the future, the manager would appreciate more care in not losing the toothbrushes. Like, please put them back in the bathroom after using them like the manager asked you to in the first place, rather than abandoning them to the wilds of the floor? Toothbrushes + dog hair = yuckadoo.

The Manager

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the employees are merely trying to consolidate tasks by combining the toothbrushed with floss(aka dog hair). Maybe said employees deserve a raise based on creativity!

  1. Kim says:

    A more new-age style of management would call for the abolishment of toothbrushes, as they are a crutch of The Man.

    Those places smell, though, for real.